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Real estate investing can be complex as it is fruitful with rich opportunities and profitable dividends.

The challenge is to decipher this process -- to translate the nuances and

contradictions of this vocation, for many, and this avocation, for many others still -- into something that people can apply with consistency, knowledge and vision.

For there are multitudes of novice investors who do not understand, and need to appreciate, the dynamism of the marketplace; who require the tutelage from an expert -- and deserve the mentoring from a financial professional -- so these men and women, these investors, can learn the intricacies of buying and selling real estate, of renovating and flipping homes, of converting rental properties into sources of recurring revenue; of mastering a discipline that demands the intelligence of a teacher and the wisdom of a proven investor.

Understanding the best way to build a business is through personalization, creating an emotional bond between your brand and the individuals you serve. The same rule applies to real estate investing because, without an eye for detail, an ear for language and an intuitive sense of what constitutes a good deal versus a bad one, investors can too easily succumb to the temptations of -- they will often surrender themselves to the false promise of -- too-good-to-be-true sales and promotions.

Thus, the most valuable type of real estate is knowledge; the most precious commodity a real estate investor can own is intellectual property, the capital by which transactions occur and the exchange of contracts happens.

By personalizing the union between a professional real estate investor and a potential protégée, no ordinary textbook can match and no customary video can compare. This new class of investors also offers what the economy needs in general and the housing market requires in particular: Stability, a reduction in blind and rampant speculation, thereby professionalizing an environment that should be an order of the highest calibre and a field of the greatest integrity.

Indeed, we owe it to our fellow investors -- we have an obligation for the real estate industry as a whole -- to elevate our collective game, so to speak. In so doing, we will heighten the value of knowledge and increase the virtues of successful real estate investing. This ambition is achievable because it is practical, and it is pragmatic because it is so readily doable. Real estate investors will benefit from these rewards, making them more astute observers of emerging trends, changing market conditions and shifting economic opportunities. If we seize this moment -- if we do what we must -- then we will sow the strengths of a superior group of real estate investors.

Professional by their behaviour, and accessible by the character of the content they provide, and business we produce, among many of these experts can expand your knowledge about real estate investing.

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